How to install webcam Axioo Laptop

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This is easy to install camera application on axioo laptop, but some people not know to do this, so here we will show you how to install webcam on your axioo laptop. This installation consist of 2 sections, Installing webcam driver and installing webcam application.
Installing webcam driver in order to chipset detecting that this laptop have camera plugged and Installing webcam application to turn on or turn off camera.
To install driver of webcam we should have driver software that can downloaded from internet or this driver include on CD driver of laptop, or when we finish installed OS this driver installed instantly.
To install application of webcam you can choose what application to used, for example : debut video capture, we can use this software to turn ON or turn Off camera or you can use other software. When we open software application our face will appear on this software view.
I hopw this will help you 

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