Not Success During Resetting The Epson Printer That Blinking

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As we knew to fix the Epson Printer that was blinking and not responding after the power button pressed is by doing the resetting steps using the resetter software. But, what we can do if these steps cannot help?

One of the problems that caused the resetting process not success is the printer driver software not installed yet on the computer that we use to reset the printer.

So, before beginning to reset we must follow the following steps :

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  1. Prepare the resetter software, download for free from the internet
  2. Connect the printer to the computer
  3. Install the printer driver software according to the type of printer. Visit the Epson printer official site to get it.
  4. Begin to reset the printer

By following the steps above the resetting steps should be done successfully. If still not success maybe your USB port is not good, so try to plug into the other USB port so the computer detecting it and no error message there. Or your printer has get the other trouble that cannot be fixed by resetting this, maybe caused by the problem of the logic board, offcource this need more analysis.

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This is about the causes that causing the reset process not success, i hope this will help you to fix your Epson Printer.

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